Products made from our plastics are found almost exclusively in very demanding industries and critical applications where the highest quality is required. For this reason, we see it as our most important task to secure and constantly improve the quality of our plastics and processes. Certification of raw materials, is becoming increasingly important. It allows processes to meet product conformities with regulations for food-contact, drinking water, fire protection guidelines and more. To accommodate this development, we have our materials tested according to different guidelines and regulations.


Our quality guaranty is broken down into these core areas:


Continuous verification of specification parameters

Measurements are regularly carried out on statistically representative selected samples in order to meet the high-quality requirements.

Certifications of products

The importance of approvals and certifications on plastic granules is steadily increasing. In order to accommodate this development and to open up further markets, we have our materials tested according to a number of guidelines and can declare different conformities. For example, in addition to food contact according to the FDA and EU directives, fire classification according to DIN EN 60695-11-10 (UL-94) in V-0, amboflon® PVDF has now also been tested and certified in accordance with the directive of the Federal Environmental Agency for the hygienic assessment of organic materials in contact with drinking water (KTW Guideline). Details about all approvals can be found in the respective descriptions of our products.

Customer-specific certificates of analyses

In excess of the standard of certificates of analyses, which usually only state the specific density, the melting point and the melt index, we can individually test other parameters, such as the tensile strength or elongation, depending on customer specifications.

Laboratory services for your safety

In addition to our internal quality control, we are pleased to offer testing of your materials as an extra service. Especially for tests of fluoroplastics we offer professional production of test specimens, such as the 1A test bar as well as the laboratory tests in cooperation with an accredited institute.

We are continually working on developing our status quo so that we can continue to supply you with outstanding quality in the future. If a special approval is particularly important to you, we will check the possibility of applying for your required certification.

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