High Performance Plastics



We offer a comprehansive assortment of virgin and reprocessed plastic pellets, powder and compounds from brands such as amboflon® and other prime grades. Our recycled pellets are exclusively made out of original prime grades from leading producers. The different plastics show excellent mechanical properties such as hardness, flexibility, temperature-, chemical- and abrasion resistance and a very good tensile strength as well as anti-stick properties. These plastics are resistant to UV-light, radioactivity and weather effects. Furthermore they have low permeability to most known gases and liquids and are inflammable.

Our Plastic Assortment


Granulate, compounds and powder from amboflon®


Granulate and compounds from amboflon®


Granulate and powder from amboflon®


Granulate powder from amboflon®


Granulate and powder from amboflon® and clean regrindes from first grade manufactures

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