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Our ETFE Assortment


amboflon® ETFE 7U and 7S:

For the extrusion of semi finished products, profiles, tubes, wire coating and films etc.


amboflon® ETFE 10U and 10S

For the extrusion of tubes, wire coating, filaments, films etc. as well as for injection molding.


amboflon® ETFE 20U and 20S:

For processing by injection molding and extrusion of filaments.


amboflon® ETFE 30U and 30S:

For processing by injection molding and extrusion of filaments. Low viscous for the production of particularly small and thin-walled parts.


All granules are also available in black or any color.



amboflon® ETFE CA:

ETFE filled with carbon fiber to improve the mechanical values. The addition of fillers makes it possible to combine the required properties of the ETFE, such as, for example, the extraordinary weather resistance with an improved compressive strength or the conductivity.
And more compounds specially developed for you.

Product Description
amboflon® ETFE (ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene (polyethylene-polytetrafluoroethylene-co-polymer, poly (ethylene-co-tetrafluoroethylene)) - CAS-No.: 25038-71-5) is a semi-crystalline modification of PTFE with PE. The high-performance thermoplastic is available as unreinforced and reinforced granules. Typical applications are light and UV-transparent roofing and wall cladding from film systems as well as chemical and technical apparatus engineering.


Technical Data
Long-term use temperature: (-)110 - (+)155°C
Short-term use temperature: (-)190 - (+)170°C
Thermal decomposition: ≥ (+)340°C
Melting temperature: 260 - 275°C
Density: 1,67 - 1,75 g/cm³
Tensile strength: 35 - 50 MPa
Elongation at break: 300%
Color: crystal clear, transparent-opaque


The PTFE derivative amboflon® ETFE shows a higher rigidity and strength than PTFE. The resistance to chemicals is comparable. It is UV and weather resistant and contains no plasticizers. amboflon® ETFE can be sterilized due to its high service temperature and chemical/alkali resistance. Above the decomposition temperature of 340°C, toxic and corrosive gases are formed. Please observe the safety data sheet for processing.


amboflon® ETFE is characterized by excellent UV and weathering resistance and behaves in use, for example as a roofing, self-cleaning. In addition, amboflon® ETFE shows very good resistance to lubricants, oils, fats, gasoline, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, LM, alcohols, esters, ketones, alkalis, ammonia, amines, acids, ozone, hydrogen peroxide, hot water and water steam. It is not resistant to fuming sulfuric acids, nitric acid and free alkali metals.


amboflon® ETFE is self-extinguishing and therefore classified as UL-94 (DIN EN 60695-11-10) in V-0.

Process: injection moulding, extrusion, blown film extrusion
Processing temperatures: 300 - 340°C

Due to the ethylene content of about 25% in the PTFE, amboflon® ETFE is thermoplastically processable. If amboflon® ETFE is mass-produced, all parts of the machine that come into contact with the melt, such as the extruder barrel, the screw, the nozzle, etc., should be made of corrosion-resistant alloys. The L/D ratio of the extruder should be in the range 20:1 to 24:1. A screw with a long feed zone, a compression ratio of 3:1 and a geometry that exerts as little shear as possible on the plastic is recommended. For coloring we recommend our amboflon® ETEF color-masterbatch.



  • RoHS EU Directive (EU) 2011/65
  • REACH (EC) no. 1907/2006
  • Fire class according to DIN EN 60695-11-10 (UL-94): V-0
  • In preparation: Food contact according to FDA
  • In preparation: Food contact according to (EC) No 1935/2004 - (EU) No 10/2011


Application Areas
As foils for large-area, light and UV-transparent roofs and wall coverings (self-cleaning), coating in chemical and technical apparatus and container construction, as a weather-resistant laminate for solar modules, pressure-loaded chemical hoses, sealing/valve systems for ultrapure water systems, cable sheathing and electrical engineering.


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