We offer you a comprehensive range of virgin PEEK granules and compounds of the brand amboflon® as well as ground material from other premium manufacturers.


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Our PEEK Assortment


amboflon® PEEK 10G:
For extrusion of semi-finished products, profiles, tubes, films etc. as well as for injection molding.
amboflon® PEEK 20G:
For injection molding and extrusion of filaments.
All granules are also available as micro granules and in black or colored.



amboflon® PEEK 10 C30 V:
PEEK filled with 30% graphite.
amboflon® PEEK 10 CA30 V:
PEEK filled with 30% carbon fiber.


amboflon® PEEK 10 CA40 V:
PEEK filled with 40% carbon fiber.

More compounds are specially developed for you on request. All compounds are also available as micro granules.


We purchase separately sorted production scraps and offer these as controlled, dedusted ground material.


Regularly available:

Victrex 450G

Victrex 380/381G

Victrex 150/151G

Victrex CA30

Victrex CA40

Victrex FC30


Product Description

amboflon® PEEK (Polyetheretherketone - CAS-No .: 29658-26-2) is a high-performance, semi-crystalline thermoplastic resin and belongs to the group of polyarylether ketones. Available as granules, microgranules, powder and reinforced compound. Typical applications are mechanical engineering, the electrical industry and medical technology.


Technical Specifications

Melting temperature: 335 - 343°C

Glass transition temperature: 140-155°C

Short-term use temperature: (-)65 - 300°C

Long-term use temperature: (-)65 - 240°C

Shrinkage rate: 0,5 - 1,5%

Tensile strength: 90-100 MPa (ISO 527)

Fracture Elongation: 45% (ISO 527)

Tensile Modulus: 3,7 - 4,0 GPa (ISO 527)



amboflon® PEEK is characterized by its outstanding properties even at very high temperatures. The relative thermal index is 260°C. amboflon® PEEK remains dimensionally stable up to just above the glass transition temperature. Its mechanical properties such as the very high strength, rigidity, toughness, excellent abrasion resistance and excellent lubricity are retained. amboflon® PEEK shows a low coefficient of thermal expansion and a ductile behavior even below the glass transition temperature, which allows applications in a wide temperature range. It is also possible to use at low temperatures. The creep tendency is very low and the fatigue strength is high. The good electrical properties over a wide temperature and frequency range enable many applications in the electrical industry.



amboflon® PEEK is resistant to almost all organic and inorganic chemicals. It has extensive resistance to non-oxidizing acids, alkalis, oils, greases, brake fluids and other media from the motor vehicle and aerospace industries. In addition, amboflon® PEEK is resistant to gamma and x-radiation. The weather resistance is also excellent.


Due to their excellent resistance to hydrolysis, parts made from amboflon® PEEK can be repeatedly steam-sterilized without appreciable losses in the properties. This allows for use in the medical and food industry.



amboflon® PEEK is very difficult to ignite. It has an extremely low flue gas density and is therefore classified according to UL-94 (DIN EN 60695-11-10) in V-0.


Reinforced Compounds

The very good property profile of amboflon® PEEK can be enhanced significantly by adding fillers, e.g. Glass or carbon fiber, carbon powder, graphite or PTFE. The dimensional stability temperature can thereby be increased close to the melting point. The rigidity and dimensional stability is increased by glass and carbon fibers in the plastic and the tribological behavior is improved. The addition of PTFE or graphite causes an increase in the tribological properties such as attrition and friction.



Process: extrusion, isostatic pressing, coating, injection molding, machining of semifinished products

Pre-drying: 3 hours at 150-200°C

Processing temperatures:

 - Melt temperature: 370-420°C

 - Injection mold tool temperature: 170 - 210°C

amboflon® PEEK is easy to glue and weld.



  • RoHS EU Directive 2011/65 / EU
  • REACH (EC) No 1907/2006
  • Flammability according to DIN EN 60695-11-10 (UL-94): V-0
  • In preparation: Food contact according to FDA
  • In preparation: Food contact according to (EC) No. 1935/2004 and EU 10/2011


Application areas

PEEK is one of the most frequently used high-performance plastics and is used especially for heavily stressed parts. Due to the high strength, rigidity, ductility and chemical resistance to aggressive media, amboflon® PEEK is suitable for a wide range of applications from the mechanical engineering, the electrical industry as well as high-temperature steam sterilization for the food industry and medical technology.


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