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Thanks to close long term business relationships with producers around the world, we supply suitable solutions for your production economically and efficiently. Meanwhile we keep an eye on the international market developments. We support you by finding the optimal material for your application and offer accordingly different qualities and prices. Virgin grades are part of our assortment as well as reprocessed pellets, which are exclusively made out of original prime grades from leading producers. Our product range includes top quality fluoro plastic pellets, powder and compounds as well as additional high performance plastics. Moreover we offer specially customized masterbatches and liquid pigments to all plastics on offer. 



Fluoropolymer granulates, powder and compounds from PVDF, ETFE, ECTFE, FEP, MFA, PFA, PTFE and more high performance plasitcs such as PEEK of the brands amboflon® and other premium manufacturers.


Individuel compounded amboflon® masterbatches and liquid pigments for all offered plastics, tailored to your needs.


Recycling of production scraps to almost original like amboflon® plastic resins.

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